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Thanksgiving Day 2013

Dear Readers:

Thanksgiving Day is nearly upon us.  I’m thankful to say I’ve been hearing fewer “Turkey Day” references this year than in recent years past.  I’m hopeful this is a sign that folks are remembering the meaning of the holiday.

Granted, turkey is the prime focus of meals on Thanksgiving, for most people, anyway.  However, it seemed that too many people were getting fixated on the bird, the side dishes, and other accoutrements, while losing sight of the “giving thanks” concept.    

Perhaps I am projecting my own feelings of loss.  For personal reasons, with which I shall not burden you now, my family traditions have been curtailed in the last few years.  Time marches on, “stuff” happens, and suddenly one finds that things just “aren’t the same anymore.”  It’s sad. 

I do realize that Thanksgiving Day is not the only holiday to have lost some meaning in our society; however, I shall only address one at a time.  I also realize that not everyone has the “Norman Rockwell” Thanksgiving to which to look forward.  This and the coming Christmas season can be so sad for many.  That is why I hope to see people cling to the tradition of giving thanks for what we have’ rather than just focusing on those “whats.”  While we are giving thanks, maybe we can also reach out… the “what” for whom someone else may give thanks.

Dear readers, I shall sign off now.  I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  May you have AND GIVE joy on the day.  Also, for some of you, Happy Hanukkah.




Reflections on Veterans’ Day

Dear readers:

Today I stand with friends & neighbors at our annual Veterans’ Day observance.   The invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, flag ceremony, & wreath placement have passed.

Now a young man steps forward to give the keynote address.  He is a high school student, a 2013 Boys’ State delegate.  He tells us of lessons learned from the Boy’s State experience, & from observing the military; his family has a long line of Veterans.  As his speech comes nearer its’ close, snow begins to fall…..very lightly…..just a flake floating here & there.  I wonder; are these peaceful passersby signs from the Veterans who have gone before us?  Are they rejoining us on this day?  Reassuring us that they are well, that they are still with us, protecting us?  

The speaker has finished.  The benediction given.  The Honor Guard fires the 21-gun salute & TAPS plays.  The Honor Guard marches away & the spectators disperse.  Some will gather at the American Legion Post open house, another staple of today’s observance.  

I leave the memorial site a little sad, my Father & his two brothers – departed Veterans – on my mind.  Still, I am comforted.  Today they lived in more than mere memories.


Jane Young Navarrette


The Cloud Creek Journal

Hello, readers.  Welcome to the launch of a new blog, THE CLOUD CREEK JOURNAL.

After pondering various topics for this initial edition, I decided it best to start with an introduction to myself & the intent of this blog. I began dreaming of being a published author as a young child.  I even wrote a few VERY short stories based upon the original STAR TREK television series.  Those are long gone, although a couple of my “plots” still linger in my memory, along with some other fictional novel ideas.  Maybe one day I’ll get something on the library shelves. 

In college, I turned my eye to Journalism.  I do hold an Associate of Art in that subject, along with another in Social Science.  I did have jobs at two different radio stations, each of which afforded me some Journalistic experience.  However, life has a way of changing one’s plans; the end of my second radio job was also the end of my Journalistic pursuits…..until now. 

Enter, THE CLOUD CREEK JOURNAL.  My vision for this is primarily an op-ed piece, posted on a yet-to-be determined schedule.  From time to time, I may throw some of my poetry your way.  Some of those will be opinion pieces, some – just for fun.  We’ll see how this unfolds together.

Now, for two very important acknowledgements: 
First, the late Dr. Keith Preston Young, Professor Emeritus in Geology at the University of Texas at Austin.  Dr. Young, my uncle, was my hero growing up.  He wrote numerous publications in the field of Geology and in 1975 wrote GEOLOGY: THE PARADOX OF MAN AND EARTH, recognized as the first textbook in Environmental Geology.  I remember well when a copy of said textbook arrived at our home.  I was so proud that my uncle was a published author.  His success sparked my dream.

Second, Mr. Craig Johnson, author of the WALT LONGMIRE MYSTERIES SERIES, and creative consultant to the television series LONGMIRE, based upon his novels.  I was toying with the suggestion from friends about starting a blog.  Mr. Johnson was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to answer questions about the literary world, and the field of journalism, specifically, blogging.  Thank you, Mr. Johnson. 

Again, welcome readers.  I hope you will enjoy THE CLOUD CREEK JOURNAL.