Reflections on Veterans’ Day

by jdynavarrette

Dear readers:

Today I stand with friends & neighbors at our annual Veterans’ Day observance.   The invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, flag ceremony, & wreath placement have passed.

Now a young man steps forward to give the keynote address.  He is a high school student, a 2013 Boys’ State delegate.  He tells us of lessons learned from the Boy’s State experience, & from observing the military; his family has a long line of Veterans.  As his speech comes nearer its’ close, snow begins to fall…..very lightly…..just a flake floating here & there.  I wonder; are these peaceful passersby signs from the Veterans who have gone before us?  Are they rejoining us on this day?  Reassuring us that they are well, that they are still with us, protecting us?  

The speaker has finished.  The benediction given.  The Honor Guard fires the 21-gun salute & TAPS plays.  The Honor Guard marches away & the spectators disperse.  Some will gather at the American Legion Post open house, another staple of today’s observance.  

I leave the memorial site a little sad, my Father & his two brothers – departed Veterans – on my mind.  Still, I am comforted.  Today they lived in more than mere memories.


Jane Young Navarrette