Thanksgiving Day 2013

by jdynavarrette

Dear Readers:

Thanksgiving Day is nearly upon us.  I’m thankful to say I’ve been hearing fewer “Turkey Day” references this year than in recent years past.  I’m hopeful this is a sign that folks are remembering the meaning of the holiday.

Granted, turkey is the prime focus of meals on Thanksgiving, for most people, anyway.  However, it seemed that too many people were getting fixated on the bird, the side dishes, and other accoutrements, while losing sight of the “giving thanks” concept.    

Perhaps I am projecting my own feelings of loss.  For personal reasons, with which I shall not burden you now, my family traditions have been curtailed in the last few years.  Time marches on, “stuff” happens, and suddenly one finds that things just “aren’t the same anymore.”  It’s sad. 

I do realize that Thanksgiving Day is not the only holiday to have lost some meaning in our society; however, I shall only address one at a time.  I also realize that not everyone has the “Norman Rockwell” Thanksgiving to which to look forward.  This and the coming Christmas season can be so sad for many.  That is why I hope to see people cling to the tradition of giving thanks for what we have’ rather than just focusing on those “whats.”  While we are giving thanks, maybe we can also reach out… the “what” for whom someone else may give thanks.

Dear readers, I shall sign off now.  I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  May you have AND GIVE joy on the day.  Also, for some of you, Happy Hanukkah.